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We’re living in an ocean of information about parenting.We aim to help you navigate the waters.Here we’ll overlap some content with the PHFP newsletter and provide ongoing articles, references, musings, good resources, and links to must-read news about adolescents, adolescent development and parenting in the digital age!

Michael Y. Simon, LMFT, is the publisher of the PHFP Newsletter and Blog writer/editor.His specialty is in understanding and making accessible by translating into practical terms, the immensity of information around parenting teens and adolescent development in general. He is the former Director of Counseling & Student Support for Bentley School, an independent high school in Lafayette, California and a psychotherapist in private practice for close to 18 years.

After teaching philosophy and psychology at the university level for many years, he worked as the Director for several organizations, including the San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group, the Marina Counseling Center and the Harm Reduction Therapy Center. He is now a highly sought-after local and national speaker on parenting teens, and is the author of The Approximate Parent: Discovering the Strategies That Work with Your Teenager.

Enjoy the PHFP Blog and you’re always welcome to right in to suggest new topics to explore!


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