Listening to Michael Simon talk about teenagers is rather like talking with a wise good friend who also happens to have vast knowledge, training, and experience with adolescents

and their parents. Michael’s perspective is complex but practical, affectionate, and very funny, so that we come away feeling hopeful and more confident in our own capacity

to be good parents."


Laurie Kahn, M.A., Upper School Head  

Workshops for Parents & Educators



Conventional wisdom is that there is no manual on parenting.  Yet the last two decades have seen a flood of books, articles, seminars, and workshops on how to parent or how to work with adolescents in the classroom.  Research on brain development has also exploded in the last few years, promising to help us further fine-tune the way we understand and parent, especially adolescents.


Practical Help for Parents Workshops and Presentations are designed to help parents and educators make sense of this important material, to provide smart and quick—but not simplistic—research-based best practices on parenting adolescents and pre-adolescents.  The workshops are available in one and two-hour formats to make scheduling easy, and in half or full-day formats for  parents or educators who want more in-depth exploration of ideas and hands-on training. One- and two-hour presentations would be suitable for:


  • evening parent forum; morning coffee

  • keynote address

  • monthly parent-teacher meeting or parent education presentations

  • parent or student assembly

  • weekday in-service teacher training


The following is a sample of our most popular workshops and presentations. Downloadable program descriptions are available in PDF format as noted below.  Workshop hand-outs include copies of the presentation, bibliographies, and ancillary materials such as research articles. Fees vary depending upon participant numbers and location. Please write for information not listed here. Note that fees listed in the program descriptions have changed. Please contact us for current workshop prices.


  • A Primer for Parents on Adolescent Mental Health: Understanding Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders and Self-Injury

  • A Primer for Parents on Adolescent Sexuality

  • A Primer for Parents on Drug Use and Abuse

  • A Primer for Parents on High School: A Year-by-Year Guide of What To Expect

  • Academic Integrity in High School: Understanding and Responding to Plagiarism and Cheating

  • Adolescent Brain Development: News from the Front*

  • Bullying, Harassment and Aggression in Middle School*

  • Bullying, Harassment, and Aggression in High School*

  • Chatting, Gaming and Pornography: Understanding the Challenges of the Online World*

  • Close the Door on the Way Out! Teens and Privacy

  • Does Your Teen Have Good Mental Health? A Primer for Parents and Educators on Adolescent Mental Wellness

  • Fathers and Fathering:  What Do Our Teens Need from Us as Men?

  • Helping Your Teen Negotiate College Application Stress

  • Is There Only One Way to Succeed at Life? Teens and the Misery of Maintaining Status

  • Learned Optimism: Is it Possible to Depression-Proof Your Child?**

  • Parenting in the Digital Age: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Parenting Teens: What’s Normal and Expectable?*

  • Protecting the Wish and Will to Learn: The Current Challenges of Educating Adolescents

  • Rebel Without a Cause: Is Adolescent Rebellion Really Necessary?

  • Research-Based Best Practices in Parenting Teens

  • School Crisis Response: Is Your School Prepared for Critical Incidents?**

  • School Crisis Responding: Setting Up a Crisis Response Team

  • Teaching Values and Responsibility

  • Teens, Drugs and Parties: Getting to Best Practices in Your School Community

  • Teens in Family Context: What Parents Teach When They Aren’t Intending to Teach

  • American Teens and Raunch Culture: What’s Happening to Sex?

  • Understanding Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating

  • Understanding Cutting and Other Forms of Self-Injury

  • Understanding Teens: Translating What Teens Mean to Say But Can’t Say*

  • Understanding Your Middle-School Child

  • Wired Teens: Facebook, MySpace and Social Media

  • Wired Teens: How Do Teens Use Digital Media

  • Wired Teens: Understanding and Responding to Cyberbullying

  • Wired Teens: About Media Multi-tasking and Living Online


*Also available as a half-day workshop
**Also available as a full-day workshop