Media Inquiries



The founder of Practical Help for Parents is Michael Y. Simon, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in New Orleans, Louisiana. Michael is highly respected in both academic and popular communities and is the author of The Approximate Parent: Discovering the Strategies That Work with Your Teenager (Fine Optics Press, 2012). He has taught at Temple University, San Francisco State University and several other colleges and universities and holds advanced degrees in both Clinical Psychology and Religious Studies/Philosophy.



Michael has extensive media experience with print and radio interviews and is known for a breadth of knowledge blended with humor—making learning about difficult things both engaging and entertaining. He was a frequent guest

expert on Family Talk with Dr. Mike Riera, a nationally syndicated radio program produced in San Francisco, and appeared on Rona Renner’s Childhood Matters on KISS 98.1 FM. He has been interviewed many times by local and national press regarding a wide range of topics on teens and families and has written for local publications on parenting teens. For well over a decade, Michael has been a highly sought-after local and national speaker on all the issues that deeply affect American adolescents and their families, from relationships and sex to identity development, digital media use, learning disabilities, education policy and barriers to learning, as well as drugs, alcohol and other forms of risk-taking.


Michael’s areas of expertise with adolescents include:


  • Physical, Emotional, Social Development and Mental Health

  • Identity Development

  • Internet & Digital Media

  • Teens, Drugs, Alcohol and Parties

  • Sexuality, Relationships & the Importance of Status

  • Education, Learning and School (including school crisis response

  • Teens, Preteens & the Family

  • Responsibility, Building Character & Being in a Community


If you’re interested in doing a live or taped interview or need background for the piece you’re working on, write to: Michael (“at”)