Consulting Services


Practical Help for Parents can provide your organization focused, research-based program review, guidance and development.  Whether you’re looking for short-term or ongoing consultation, we’re ideally suited to support schools, school districts, clinical training programs or policy-making organizations wishing to inaugurate or grow their services to adolescents and their families.



Examples of What We Can Do For You...


  • Supporting design and implementation of adolescent counseling services in public or private middle school, high school

  • Developing outreach/prevention and drug education program(s) for public or private middle school, high school

  • Organizing/brainstorming district-wide implementation of prevention services and “best practices” around drug use/ abuse education

  • Establishing psychological emergency services in the school (Critical Incident Stress Management)

  • Expanding or critically reviewing existing clinical services to adolescents in agency mental health settings

  • Consulting with policy-making bodies that address research-based approaches to addressing barriers to learning for adolescents



"I first met Michael a number of years ago during a radio interview. I was instantly impressed—here was a man who understood teenagers, and just as important, liked teenagers. Since then I’ve come to realize Michael’s a terrific resource."


Mike Riera, Ph.D., is one of our country’s foremost authorities on understanding children and teenagers. He is the author of groundbreaking titles such as Right from Wrong, Staying Connected To Your Teenager and the bestselling Uncommon Sense for Parents With Teenagers. Mike is the parenting correspondent for the CBS Early Show