Workshops & Consulting

Workshops for Parents and Educators are exciting teaching and learning tools for parents, teachers and school administrators. Our workshops provide an entertaining and concentrated synthesis of information on “best practices” working with adolescents around central concerns—drugs and parties, teens and sex, academic integrity, dealing with college stress, bullying and harassment and other topics that you deal with every day.

Workshops for Mental Health Professionals are designed for the clinician working with children and youth. What does the latest adolescent brain development research have to teach us about alcohol or marijuana use and abuse? How can I incorporate cognitive behavioral theory into work with children and youth? Do you want to learn about an empirically tested, theory-based approach to treating chemical dependency? Our workshops have the working and training clinician in mind; we’ll help you immediately apply theory and research to strengthen your practice with youth and families.

Consulting Services are responsive to your organization or school’s needs in providing focused, research-based program review, guidance and development. Whether you’re looking for short-term or ongoing consultation, we’re ideally suited to support schools, school districts, clinical training programs or policy-making organizations wishing to inaugurate or grow their services to adolescents and their families.

Michael has the gift of explaining, in straightforward language, seemingly impenetrable adolescent behaviors to both parents and teachers alike. – Mike Riera, Ph.D.

Mike Riera, Ph.D. is a national parenting expert, noted speaker, television and radio personality and currently serving as the Head of School at Brentwood School in Los Angeles, California. Mike is the author of many works including Right From Wrong, Staying Connected to Your Teenager, The Field Guide to the American Teenager and Uncommon Sense for Parents With Teenagers.